01 Apr

Why we only use Cage Free Eggs?

Cage-free eggs are eggs from birds that are not raised in cages, but in floor systems usually in an open barn. The hens have bedding material such as pine shavings on the floor, and they are allowed perches and nest boxes to lay their eggs. Typically, cage free hens are healthier and have a more nutritious diet than hens that are kept in cages constantly.

We trust KEGGS Branded Cage Free eggs. Eggs from Keggs can be distinguished by their tan coloured shells, bright yellowish orange yolk and firm albumen. These eggs are produced by disease free, specially bred laying hens in the their hygienic farm facilities. The hens are housed in stress- free sanitary conditions on litter. They have access to plentiful sunshine and are fed a nutritionally rich and balanced diet of maize. rice derivatives, soya, sunflower, limestone, vitamins and other organic plant products together with ample greens. The feed contains no antibiotics, hormones, chemical stimulants or any other ingredient that may have a carryover effect on the consumer.

We use only freshest eggs from Keggs. Eggs from KEGGS are delivered fresh from the farm to us and there is no deterioration in quality due to transit time or long storage. Break an egg from Keggs, it will have a bright yellow yolk and a two layered albumen which does not run. In our usage eggs from Keggs compares very favourably with the highest quality table eggs available anywhere in the world.