01 Sep

Why we only use Organic Raisins?

Organic Raisins from Organic Grapes for RealCake Bakery in Gurgaon

Organic Raisins from Organic Grapes for RealCake Bakery in Gurgaon

At RealCake Bakery we only use Organic Raisins to make our muffins and cakes. The reason is simple, we pay a lot of attention to the ingredients we use so that when you consume any of our blissful desserts you have only one thing in mind CELEBRATION. This is the reason, we only use Organic Raisins. We always keep your long term health ahead of our financial gains.

Grapes & Dirty Dozen

Grapes, which is dried to make Raisins in on the list of Dirty Dozen.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG), which creates an annual list, captures Grapes as one of the 12 most contaminated crops by pesticides.

As per the United Stated Department of Agriculture’s (USDA)Pesticide Data Program (PDP)  26 pesticide Residues were found on Raisins. These residual pesticides could be classified as below in terms of impact on human health
– 8 Known or Probable Carcinogens
– 11 Suspected Hormone Disruptors
– 5 Neurotoxins
– 5 Developmental or Reproductive Toxins

Organic Raisins: Only way to enjoy sweetness

Needless to say one need to be very careful when you consume grapes or raisins. Therefore we only use Organic Raisins in our Real Cakes.

With RealCake “Just Celebrate” an occasion in a grand way with a delectable collection of cakes from RealCake with Organic Raisins. Be it any occasion like birthday, anniversary, promotion, or graduation day, complement it with the sweetness, healthy ingredients of RealCake and love of your family and friends.